Weekly topic "Netzfest"
28 September – 02 October 2020, 4pm-8pm

Following the great success of our Netzfest event series in 2018 and 2019 in the Park at Gleisdreieck, this year's Netzfest will be held for the first time in digital and hybrid formats. In live-streamed sessions, video tutorials and a workshop day, attendees of all ages are invited to brush up their digital media competence on topics such as the basics of the Net, democracy online, digital schools, sustainability, inclusion and data security.

Netzfest is aimed at the general public and thus at a diverse audience independent of age, education and origin. To people with basic digital knowledge and interest in new socially relevant and technological developments. It sheds light on the social, cultural and technical changes brought about by digitisation, addresses current topics and challenges and makes complex topics tangible for everyone.

Find out more about the programme of Netzfest here.

Netzfest 2020 is funded by LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin for the second time.