17:53 - 18:05
Failure is a Leadership Responsibility

Short thesis



Failure begets fear. Fear begets caution. Caution stifles innovation. No innovation, no change. No change, no future. Yet, failure begets learning. Learning begets opportunity. Opportunity offers change. Change is adaptation. Adaptation enables a future. A leader creates a route to the future so failure is a leadership responsibility. Reframe failure for a future. 

Leaders are accountable for failure, personal or institutional. This much is understood and proper. However, there is another interpretation: that the leader is responsible for creating opportunities to fail. There is no progress without experimentation, which brings the risk of failure. How do leaders manage their own anxiety to take risks themselves and empower their people to take the risks necessary to innovate? This session explores what’s at stake, what’s going on and what needs to happen. 

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