18:00 - 18:35
Circular Makerspaces and Commons based Economy - How can grassroot initiatives and makers contribute to fighting climate change?

Short thesis

In the absence of governments or corporations understanding the urgency of the crisis ahead, communities are trying to take matters into their own hands and do their share to fight the impending climate crisis.


Makerspaces serve as places of repair and re-appropriation, and thereby constitute an important part of the circular economy, combining repair with ingenious ways of recycling, restarting  and reusing electronic and other waste.

The Fab Lab Barcelona and Procomun Sao Paolo are spearheading a movement by creating synergies between the Maker Movement and circular economies towards shifting to circular cities. Alessandra and Georgia will share their approaches and experience and tell you how to join!

This panel is hosted together with the Global Innovation Gathering e.V. and with support from our membership in the Distributed Design Market Platform, co-funded by the framework programme “Creative Europe” of the European Union.