18:50 - 19:30
Corona – Destabilizer or catalyst for quality media?


The media played an important role in the corona pandemic: serious reporting can literally save lives here. But what about the other side of this relationship? What has Corona actually done with quality media worldwide? Does it offer autocrats the perfect back door to more censorship and control? Or do serious media benefit from more demand for reliable reporting? We think: Corona is and was both - destabilizer and catalyst!


The corona pandemic has shaped our lives in recent months. This also applies to the media and journalists worldwide. The virus was and is not just an affliction. Certainly there are media houses, which had already been in a difficult financial situation before the pandemic and which have now come even closer to the abyss economically. Certainly there are also autocrats who are taking the pandemic as an excuse to censor those whose opinion has already bothered them for a long time.

On the other hand: Doesn't the crisis also offer the chance to win (back) people over to quality media? Is the pandemic perhaps accelerating a necessary renewal process, at the end of which there is a new media landscape in which those actors set the tone who have focused on innovation and information? Together with experts from different regions of the world, we want to take a look at both sides during a panel discussion.

Mila Serafimova from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ” will analyze the situation in Southeast Europe. Asha Mwilu is a journalist in Kenya and will bring the perspective of the southern neighboring continent of Europe into the discussion. The US-based journalist Shen Lu rounds off the picture with a look at Asia. The discussion will be moderated by Ali Aslan.